Empowering menstruators to manage their period pain with freedom & dignity.
Female Friends

 AIMA is here to close the Gender Pain Gap and advocate for better care for individuals born with a uterus.
Starting with period pain.


Radical Products for Period Pain!

We have a radical vision to reshape the way period pain is managed by developing a new generation of pain management systems. 


We are diligently working to bring tested CBD-infused products into the hands of menstruators, so you can have safe and effective options.



What do menstruators
gain when they use AIMA?

Breaking the cycle of pain each month is so much more than just physical relief.

Menstrual Pain Matters!

No need to suffer in silence.

AIMA takes period pain seriously and empowers menstruators to seek relief without fear or shame.

Boost Quality of Life!

Enabling menstruators to continue daily and physical activities, improving quality of life and well-being.

No Worry, No Problem!

Menstrual pain management that any menstruator can trust, without life-threatening side-effects.

Increase Gender Equality! 

AIMA breaks menstrual pain taboos and gender medical bias by focusing on each menstruators’ individual pain and body, unquestionably, with respect.


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