Welcome to AIMA

We are closing the gender pain gap and advocating for better care for individuals born with a uterus.

Starting with period pain.

The Gender Pain Gap

90% of menstruators describe their period pain as moderate to severe. A pain that can be the equivalent to a heart attack.

Period pain has an immediate negative impact on the quality of life, forcing 41% of menstruators to miss work or school.

Current treatment options such as painkillers, hormones, and opioids have serious side effects and are not fully effective.


So, why don’t other treatment options exist?

The Gender Pain Gap determines how menstrual pain is viewed, managed, and researched.

The lack of funding and silence surrounding period pain has made it socially and culturally taboo, leaving menstruators feeling unheard, mismanaged and disempowered.

Menstrual Pain Matters

We have a radical vision to reshape the way period pain is managed by developing a new generation of pain management systems. 

We are diligently working to bring tested CBD-infused products into the hands of menstruators, so you can have safe and effective options.


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Our Values are the Foundation of Our Culture

AIMA empowers menstruators to safely and effectively manage their period pain with freedom and dignity.


Scientifically Driven




Established in 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada AIMA Inc. is founded, led, and supported by industry experts and intersectional feminists. 

Lanna Last
Co-funder & CEO  (BA, MA)

Lanna is a queer ecofeminist and advocate for gynecological health. She started AIMA (eh-ma) in 2019 as a response to a lack of safe solutions for her period pain, and Aruna Revolution in 2021 to address menstrual waste. Previously, she led AIMA through the incubator lab-2-launch at e@ubc, and in November, she won the Sneek-a-Peek section of the 2021 Venture Showcase at the University of British Columbia. Recently, she pitched at Herstory for the top 30 female founders hosted by The51. She continues to disrupt the system of inequities through her unruly work and writing.

Melanie ter Borg
Co-funder & COO
(BSc, MA)

Melanie is a parachuting accident survivor and former chronic pain NSAID user. She is an experienced lab technician in drug delivery, stem cells, & genetic engineering and has start-up experience in biotech and eCommerce.  She is leading the operations and finance at AIMA. 

Mali Meibod
Co-funder & CSO 


Mali is a scientific and technical expert in drug discovery and delivery, leading the R&D and bringing industry experience through her work at AstraZeneca Canada. Her prior research focused on designing fast-acting and long-lasting drug delivery systems to be used topically or on the mucosal membranes.